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Start your engines and get into gear with the AutoClassic Blog. You’ll find a wide variety of articles on everything from classic cars and hot rods to consumer reviews and tips on car repairs. This is my space to share my need for speed and nostalgia for classic rides with the world.

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Tips on Replacing Your Automotive Alternator

Tips on Replacing Your Automotive Alternator

What is an alternator anyway. The name of the device gives us a clue as to what an alternator really is. It is a device that developes an alternating current. Now the device also contains some other components as well such as a diode bridge and a voltage regulator....

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How the Internet Changed Auto Dealership Practices

How the Internet Changed Auto Dealership Practices

It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent people who perpetuate actions that contradict their own self-interest are often unwittingly saved from themselves. The most iconic example that sits on my mind like an inflatable gorilla is the automotive dealer marketing...

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Automotive Direct Mail? Yes it still works!

Automotive Direct Mail? Yes it still works!

Automotive Direct Mail is one of the most sought after advertisement campaign available in the market today, even in this age of automated digital ads. It is so effective that 70% of automotive buyers respond through the direct mail system, a recent survey disclosed...

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