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Luxury cars have always been a staple of the modern car industry. The term “luxury” is used to separate the “homey” vehicles from vehicles equipped with bolstered performance capabilities, lavish interiors, and the most up-to-date safety and technology features. As consumers, we’re seeing so many new, sportier, edgier designs from the typical “household” vehicles. Maybe Tesla’s radical truck design has something to do with this? Both from a design standpoint and also when it comes to pricing features more affordably.

Just look at Infiniti and their most popular 2020 car, the Q50. It starts at the base price of $36,400. That’s only $2,000 from the new $34,250 2020 Nissan Maxima (Can you believe it?) . So, “what does this mean?” you may ask. This means that luxury brands are just now slowly starting to merge with what used to be considered with everyday vehicles.

It’s crazy just how luxurious mainstream brands have become. More often than not, you will find brands like Nissan with almost identical, if not more, desired features that use to only come with luxury brands. To list off a few performance capabilities in Honda’s now rival  luxury vehicles. Lavish interiors come in almost any car you look at with options for those who like leather and those who don’t, for those who enjoy larger infotainment systems and those who love their CD player’s… there’s an option for everyone.

Technology? Can’t be beat. The infotainment systems on every vehicle offer modern bluetooth features for all phones and so much more. You don’t want to miss out! Check out all of the Nissan features on their official website Live in Texas? We have a special suggestion just for you @Katy Nissan

Automotive design trends come and go, but the overall move towards more luxury and features in even the most the affordable offerings is here to stay.