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When asked to make a list of premier car brands, no person would ever miss out jotting down Mercedes-Benz. This is because Mercedes-Benz is just about one of the most gigantic names when it comes to luxury cars in the automotive industry. Originating from Germany, the brand of Mercedes-Benz is actually distributed and owned exclusively by DaimlerChrysler AG. This is another gigantic and formidable company formed right from the merging of two equally gigantic automotive manufacturers. The result? The automotive guru – Mercedes-Benz.

Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz has long been the resultant of many mergers over the years. In fact, two German automotive firms merged back in 1926 to start the auto guru known as Mercedes-Benz. These companies were Benz and Cie and DMG or Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Benz obviously comes from Benz and Cie, while Mercedes is DMG’s contribution to the merger. The daughter of Gottlieb Daimler – the founder of DMG – was actually named Mercedes; henceforth, the name Mercedes was coined to the merger.

Daimler-Benz and the Chrysler Group of Companies merged in 1998 to give birth to DaimlerChrysler AG. Being a merger of extreme equals, the ownership of Mercedes-Benz underwent changes because of this radical move. Through these changes, the presence of Mercedes-Benz in the automotive market was significantly enhanced. However, the merger resulted into a separation years after so you can expect Mercedes-Benz to return to the strong hands of Daimler.

Throughout its whole time in the automotive market, Mercedes-Benz has become quite the symbol of durability, luxury, and unsurpassed quality. Since it started out back in 1926, the company has been an active force to reckon with in the arena of motorsport. All of the cars produced by Mercedes-Benz in this particular segment have been actively participating in three motorsport events, including DTM, Formula Three, and, as expected, Formula One.

Understandably, Mercedes-Benz has become very popular in the German forefront, and the same level of popularity can be mentioned about the whole European market as well. But what makes this company stand out is the fact that it has become very popular in other countries as well. To name a few, these include Austria, Turkey, Egypt, South Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, China, and the USA. When it comes to dealerships, you will not find any other car brand that is more accessible than Mercedes-Benz.

Apart from cars, Mercedes-Benz has delved into designing and manufacturing coaches and buses as well. And because the brand is known for durability and premier quality, Mercedes-Benz has been garnering the trust of more and more people over the years.