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Frequently Asked $#1T  – ⁉️❓⁉️


Favorite Classic Car?

The BOSS 302 Mustang of course! Not to be beaten by Chevy, Ford really kicked ass with the 1969-70 model. If we’re taking older models though, check out the Talbot-Largo T150!


Ford or Chevy?

See above!


Favorite Modern Muscle Car?

Gotta go with the Lambo here! The Huracan is fast AF and looks badass.

Do you accept...?

I’m not even going to use the words because apparently that gets you on these spam lists. Hell no, don’t even ask! I’m tired of getting emails from people asking to ‘contribute’. I rarely have time to update my blog, but that doesn’t mean I need your help! If you want to talk about a sponsorship on my upcoming podcast though, fill out the form and I will get back to you.

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+1 (724) 429-7069

(724) 429-7069

743 Yukon Street South San Francisco, CA 94080